Noodly Bits

December 13, 2020


Noodly Bits is a personal project developed in collaboration with my partner, Rachel Risko. I created the brand and developed the interface design. Rachel helped out with the idea and vision of the product.


The concept is to allow diet restricted individuals to search for tasty dishes that match their diet.

It consists of two main pieces: a content driven blog and a dish search platform. The blog is designed to keep users excited about dishes and restaurants in their area. The search platform provides a way for users to find dishes near them.

Noodly Bits would be built in partnership with restaurants, allowing them to build their own menus and host them on Noodly Bits. Each menu item would then be fully searchable on the Noodly Platform.


The design aesthetic is spacious, with pops of bright color. The emphasis is on the food and menu. Original mood board below.


The logo and logotype is a play on a bowl of vegan ramen soup and an atom.