December 1, 2017


I worked at as the engineering lead inside a small team at Huge.


Merkelcell.org is a website to help people with a rare skin cancer called merkel cell carcinoma learn about the disease and its cures.


The coolest thing about this site is the use of its grid. We spent a lot of time talking about text alignment and emphasis. Many of the pages take advantage of a line on the left ending in a dot to signify when content ends and where content is connected.


Certain elements like footnotes and block quotes are indented in the grid slightly to set them apart from other content. The footnotes in particular had to be extracted programmatically from the content authored in Wordpress.


We implemented a dictionary feature that highlighted keywords on a page, allowing users to hover and click to get an instant definition.


Guiding the user through the site was a crucial part of the experience. Allowing people to delightfully absorb the content could be the difference between learning about a life saving treatment or not. We implemented a simpler navigation component author-able in Wordpress.