I'm a creator who loves code, art, design, and photography. Be sure to check out my portfolio and if you're interested in my work history, download my curriculum vitae.

🙇‍♂️ ~ Charlie.


Computer programming has been my primary form of creation. I've written code for live performance, web applications, and even to track my time. Professionally, my focus has been on creating beautiful web applications. I've also explored a wide range of technologies from generative coding in Processing to back end languages like Golang. Ultimately, I'm a creative thinker; I go wherever my imagination takes me.

It's invigorating to build large, complex systems with smaller bits and pieces. Many of my illustrations start by thinking in code resulting in tiny rules that are repeated to form larger, more intricate drawings. When designing new web applications, I enjoy thinking large and small, visualizing the big problem while also considering the smallest of details.

Bones Architecture

Bones is a hand-rolled, reactive application architecture for single-paged web applications. A Bones architecture is made up of small, use-case specific reactive state loops. Imagine multiple Redux stores, but each with self-documenting interfaces.

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Email Interactions

We implemented some super cool animation interactions for an email application called Inky including first, last, invert, play (FLIP) and sequenced transition animations.

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Curriculum Vitae

I've organized all my college and professional work and colored it with the skills I've gained along the way. This document is a great way to get a sense of where I've been in my professional career.



I have an ongoing photography practice that focuses on lifestyle and landscape photography. Most photographs are made with iPhone, Sony RX1, Sony A7RII, or Sony RX100.

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Ultra Music Festival
Brooklyn Bridge
New York City
Patch of Ground
Black Sand Beach

The Narrow Sea

I strive to create systems inspired by biology, architecture, and outer space that repeat indefinitely to form expansive worlds. Rules encoded in code or by hand build upon themselves to create more complex visual experiences.

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Temporary Ethers
Pen on paper, Photoshop, 2018
Noodly Creature Study
Pen on paper, 2019
Space Fox
Pen on paper, 2018